The launch of “2021 National Survey on Freshman Learning Adaptation”

The launch of “2021 National Survey on Freshman Learning Adaptation” 


The difficulties and challenges faced by higher education today are becoming increasingly complex and diverse. In order to cope with the treacherous and changeable environment, institutional research has become the key factor to break through the bottleneck. TWAEA’s "Taiwan Institutional Research Cooperation" (TIRC) has been actively involved in the introduction and application of higher education’s IR for many years. In order to develop the school’s administration efficacy in school affairs; we continue to conduct the 2021 College Freshman Study Adaptation Survey in September 2021.

We assist schools to fully master the freshmen’s learning situation through the understanding of their learning experiences and expectations of freshmen. These are all references for improving school affairs and enhancing students’ learning effectiveness. The results of the survey are analyzed for follow-up report to assist school administrators in making accurate assessments and proposing the most suitable strategy, then further draft the school’s decision-making policy. A more effective and integrated way is proposed for the promotion of school’s affairs and sustainable development. 



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