Completion of the Workshops for the “Specific Olympic and Asian Games Groups”

Completion of the Workshops for the “Specific Olympic and Asian  Games Groups”


In order to strengthen the “Olympic and Asian  Games Special Groups” operation, finance and accounting and competition training, TWAEA assists them in implementing self-examination& improvement and sustainable development. The Ministry of Education has commissioned TWAEA to organize the “Olympic and Asian Games Special Groups” reviewing project for the past seven years. This year's workshops are divided into different sessions based on the themes, and relevant personnel from specific sports groups are invited to participate. Two workshops were already held on August 16th and August 23rd.

The focuses of our first workshop were self-improvement, gender equality, anti- doping, and sports volunteer recruitment; the focuses of our second workshop were finance and accounting, including courses on financial accounting practice and the Government Procurement Act. Professional scholars were invited to teach professional knowledge and skills. By focusing on specific topics and participants, and arranging two-way communication, they can be helpful to specific Olympic and Asian Games groups in practical operations and enhance the operation effectiveness.


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