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“Germany-Taiwan Joint Accreditation” between FIBAA and TWAEA

Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association (TWAEA) has worked actively to expand his cooperation with the assessment agencies in Europe; therefore, the Project “Germany- Taiwan Joint Accreditation” with FIBAA was then achieved.

Mr. Lars Weber, head of International Affairs of FIBBA, was invited on the 29th of Nov., 2018 to share with us his experiences in Europe’s higher education by introducing the institutions’ characteristics. Getting to know more about Europe’s higher education is also one of the goals we would like to reach under this project.

FIBAA is an international well-known quality assurance agency ran together by the universities from Germany, Austria and Sweden and Association of School of Business; moreover, FIBAA is also recognized by “AKKreditierungsrat” in Germany and other 24 countries for more than 25 years. In the present, there are more than 2000 degree-granted programs, mainly from Europe, Russia, South-east Asia and Middle East, were granted with the recognition by FIBAA. FIBAA recognition is now an index for quailed education to students, business and society in Europe and many other countries.

Once the institution is recognized with “Germany- Taiwan Joint Accreditation”, not only the visibility and quality can be enhanced, but also the international competitiveness can be strengthened for more elites cultivation. Many Taiwanese institutions had showed their interests in applying for the accreditation and TWAEA shall follow up the progress to work with more international organizations for more opportunities in the future.


 (2018.11.29)“Germany-Taiwan Joint Accreditation” between FIBAA and TWAEA